Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Crimp

Hey there!

This week we are pulling out our old tools and putting them to work.

Remember this oldie but goody:

Yes that is a crimper!  And one that I purchased many years ago, I couldn't tell you when.  I haven't used this thing in years.  Ok I admit my kids found it one day and loved it but I haven't used it for a project in some time.  Today I used it on parts of my tag that I made.

Not sure how well you can tell but I promise you I did crimp.  The middle portion with the house (Webster Pages Journal cards, something else that has been sitting for some time) is crimped on the right hand side.  The butterfly (from Webster's Pages) is also crimped!  The pieces on the bottom under the button they are also crimped.

More photos:

So there you have it!  Now go check your stash I'll bet many if not all of you have one of these bad boys!  Go play it's fun, just let's not bring back the crimped hair look ok?

Till later!



  1. Love this!! It turned out fantastic! :)

  2. Your card is beautiful! I love all the texture and dimension!

  3. Mine's orange! Haven't used it in years! I have one for my hair too! lol..... Tag looks great, let's bring back crimping!


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