Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hi again - it's me, Ky. I'm letting you peek into my warped world today. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. But what if you *like* your problem? Love your problem?? You FEED it, that's what you do.

I started papercrafting out of necessity - I had a need to chronicle my life in scrapbooks. My needs changed, and I found card making, a wonderful way to use my extra papers, and feed my inner demon. I love gadgets. Transitioning from scrapbooks to cards wasn't easy. In fact, some of us scrapbookers considered ourselves purist, and cardmakers were just hacks that couldn't focus long enough to make bigger scenes with journaling and all that stuff. Trust me - cardmakers are not slouches in any sense of the word.

I had the hardest time making that change from my 12 x12 world to half-sheet projects with no title, no journaling, nothing. But... there were all these fun TOYS! Gadgets galore! I was bringing my paycheck home in bags with no idea what to do with the things I found, but I had TOYS!

I found this thing called a Cuttlebug. Then there were embossing folders, and next were Spellbinder's Nestabilities! I learned how to paper piece, fussy cut images, and heat emboss to seal in glitter!

I was hooked. I still am! There's hardly a week that goes by that I don't find something new to do with my older gadgets. People are coming up with new gadgets, but the cool thing? We keep learning new ways to use our same old things!

So, join us. Come out and play with your older gadgets or techniques. Dust off that heat gun, pull out your old adhesive letters, get in there and find your mojo! Check us out tomorrow. Sherry will have something cute and newly old!

Ta for now,



  1. Aww- your card is adorable. I hope I don't have to kiss too many more frogs, though. :P

  2. Ky - this is ME a scrapbooker - started digital because I didn't want to have all the 'mess' associated with paper scrapbooking but that changed. Along came a girlfriend and started on digital cards but then we got into 'proper' card making. Bought a cuttlebug and the rest as they say is history. I love scapbooking but find myself getting sidetracked with challenges someone's birthday etc etc So I am hooked too and the spare bedroom is my craft room and seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Thanks for mentioning this blog this morning.

    1. LOL Papercrafters are amazingly adaptable. It was good chatting with you - glad you checked us out!

  3. I'm so glad you don't think we're all slouches, anymore. LOVE your adorable card!!


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